» » And a few will wait until after the holiday to showcase the

And a few will wait until after the holiday to showcase the

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Podcasting is a very low expectation medium. You put something out, and if someone wants to listen to it they can. There no pressure in terms of time, so they can listen at exactly the moment they wish. Here an alphabetical roundup of restaurants, grocery seafood counters and other purveyors that will be selling local Dungeness or crab dishes some as soon as the first commercial haul comes in. Others are promising plenty for your Thanksgiving table. And a few will wait until after the holiday to showcase the Bay Area signature seafood..

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iphone 6 plus case Enbridge acquired the T South pipeline when it spent $37 billion to buy Houston based Spectra Energy Corp. cheap iphone case, a transaction which recently closed. Received significant interest there, Yardley said.Increasing natural gas demand in Vancouver, Seattle and soon at Woodfibre LNG export terminal near Squamish highlight case for the T South expansion, Eau Claire Energy Advisory president Ed Kallio said.Alliance offers natural gas producers more access to the east as West Coast LNG prospects fadeA battle brewing in Toronto could decide the future of Canada’s natural gas industry has been like gold. Anybody who has T South (capacity) keeps holding it and there are a lot of people looking for it, Kallio said, adding he wasn surprised by the demand for capacity on the line given growing gas supplies in the area.Enbridge is also spending $500 million expanding its gas gathering system in the Montney and Duvernay in what it calls the Spruce Ridge project to boost pipeline capacity by 400 million cubic feet per day by 2018 and plans to expand its oil pipeline system as well.Guy Jarvis, the company executive vice president of liquids pipelines said the replacement and restoration of its Line 3 pipeline, combined with upgrades and adjustments to other pipelines on its mainline system, could add about 875,000 barrels a day of capacity.solutions can be staged to meet industry needs through to about 2028, Jarvis told investors.The capacity increases would include 375,000 barrels a day from restoring the full capacity of Line 3, plus about 500,000 barrels a day of capacity elsewhere on the mainline system that Jarvis said would require little to no regulatory permitting.is still concern amongst our shippers about the viability of the competing pipelines getting approved, and if approved, getting built, he said.His comments come as the future of Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain project remains cloudy iphone 6 plus case.